How To Stop Excessive Sweating

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Sweating

Discover how to stop excessive vaginal sweating and get rid of sweaty vaginal odor.

For many women, vaginal sweating is an embarrassing and annoying problem that most females may not feel comfortable discussing with anyone. For others, just sweaty vaginal odor is more than enough of a problem to cause a woman to not engage in social activities.

Excessive sweating that occurs in the same general area as the genitals is what in the medical community called truncal hyperhidrosis. This is heavy perspiration in the trunk area, which includes the buttocks, groin and thigh areas. The chest and back area is also part of this type of hyperhidrosis.

Some of the problems associated with vaginal sweating when left untreated can be:

Vaginal Discharge. A woman has vaginal discharges daily and it is a normal and common process of the vagina to get rid of old cells. The glands within the walls of the cervix and vagina create a liquid for the specific purpose of cleansing the area. Typically, this fluid runs out of the vaginal area and it also lubricates it. However, if the discharge has an unpleasant fishy odor that persists despite washing, a problem such as bacterial vaginosis may be present. As with any abnormal vaginal discharge, a gynecologist should be consulted to get a full clinical and sexual examination done in order to best treat it. However, a good start is good personal hygiene.

Yeast Infection (Vaginitis). A woman usually has a small amount of yeast in her vagina. But excessive perspiration and released toxins can cause vaginal yeast infection. A topical or oral solution is available from your doctor to treat vaginitis.

There are also other various treatments for women who suffer from vaginal sweating. Some natural remedies are available for vaginal sweating. You do not always need to take medications for it.

Absorbent Pads. An easy solution, especially when you are in a social or business environment. Just make sure to change them often during the day, as they can irritate the area if wearing the same pad all day.

Shaving. A trim or shave will work wonders to alleviate the sweating and odor in the vaginal area.

Herbal Remedies. A cool herbal tea can also help with the warmth associated with vaginal wetness. One good herb renowned for it's cooling properties and sweat reducing effect is Sage.

Exfoliation. Basically, this means to scrub off dead cells so the area can breathe effectively.

Hypnosis. If you experience vaginal sweating when you are anxious or depressed, self hypnosis can help stop the problem by subconsciously making you feel more relaxed - thereby calming the activity of this part of the nervous system and reducing sweating.

Eating A Well Balanced Diet. Avoid sugar, alcohol and high carb foods. No saturated fats, as they get secreted via the vaginal sweat glands and increase odor. Drinking lots of natural juices help to hydrate you and can help with lubrication and normal vaginal discharges.

Common medical treatments used for treating vaginal sweating are:

Oral Medication. Used for treating general hyperhidrosis problems, these same medications can also be use to get rid of vaginal sweating and wetness. The downside of oral medications is that they have significant side effects, such as dry mouth and blurred vision.

Botox. Not good for the area due to the sensitivity around it. And if you and your doctor decided, in an extreme case, to inject Botox around the outside of your vagina, it would only be a temporary solution, as it is absorbed by the body within six to eight months, thereby requiring further injections. But this procedure is more commonly used for vaginal pain than for excessive sweat, as it is a muscle relaxant.

Sympathectomy (ETS). This is a drastic and last ditch medical treatment for treating hyperhidrosis. For vaginal sweating, it may not be the most ideal, as it will make the area too dry. In that case, you may become vulnerable to bacterial infections that a normal vaginal discharge would protect you from.

The treatments for vaginal sweating are many, but at the end of the day, a daily ritual of proper hygiene and a well balanced diet can work wonders to help get rid of vaginal sweating.

Reader's Comments:

Thank you so much on your article on Vaginal Sweating. I have been suffering from this condition for Three years. I was unclear on where it came from until I started to think on when the sweaty discharge came from.

I started to gain weight three years ago through depression and became 20 kilos heavier. My thighs rub together, my vagina feels hot and I was getting discharge from my anus/buttocks. When I smelt it I thought wow fishy, then when I smelt it again recently I started thinking more of sweat. My other half also said my vagina was boiling hot and this was during WINTER!

I have been to countless doctors/gynos asking and begging for help. All test came back negative for STDs and Bacterial/Gardenella vagionisis. Including Thrush.

I still wear pantie liners but I also have been losing weight slowly and over time my sweaty vagina isn't secreting out as much discharge as it did in the early days.

Again thank you.

Joise Peterson

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

If your are embarrassed by a smelly vaginal odor, or if you're just not feeling very fresh... here are some basic tips to help prevent and get rid of vaginal odor:

  1. Avoid scented soaps and body washes. Instead wash your vulva with unscented soap with mild antibacterial properties.

  2. If the odor is caused by bacteria around the vaginal area, replace any synthetics panties with underwears made from materials that "breathe," such as cotton. In addition, use powder with cornstarch instead of talc on the area can help improve the condition.

  3. Steer clear of douching. Most doctors do not recommend douching to get rid of vaginal odor as douching can change the normal acidity of the vagina that keeps the amount of bacteria down. Plus, douching without proper directions from a medical professional may make a woman more prone to vaginal infections.
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