How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Maxim Antiperspirant

Maxim Antiperspirant

Stop excessive sweating of the hands, foot and armpits with Maxim Antiperspirant , a dermatologist recommended and FDA approved prescription strength antiperspirant.


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Recommended by over 1,000 leading dermatologists, Maxim Antiperspirant is currently one of the most powerful and top selling over-the-counter prescription strength antiperspirant on the market.

Product Key Features

  • 24 and up to 96 hours of constant protection against excessive sweating
  • FDA approved, prescription strength and recommended by over 1,000 dermatologists
  • Clear and odorless solution with no known skin irritants and no rubbing alcohol
  • Complements well with other regular deodorant
  • Each bottle can last for up to a full year, depending on usage.
  • Will not rub off and you will be dry all day (up to 7 days at a time with just one use)

Pros: Extra Strong Protection, Long-Lasting

Cons: Minor Skin Irritation


Aluminium Chloride (15%), Aminomethylpropanol, Quaternium, Water.

How Should I Apply Maxim?

Apply Maxim at night to treat hyperhidrosis before going bed. With each application, it can provide up to 24-96 hours of constant dry protection.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some patients who have sensitive skin may experience (tolerable) minor itching or irritation. If you experience severe irritation, stop using Maxim and contact Corad Healthcare at 888-950-8794.

Warning: Do not apply Maxim to irritated skin or broken skin

Why Is Maxim Antiperspirant Doctor-Recommended For Profuse Sweating?

Dermatologists prefer Maxim compared to other brands due to its patent-pending and extra strong formula for treating uncontrollable excessive sweating.

The active ingredient, aluminum chloride, is found in many prescription brands and is not commonly found in other over-the-counter brands. Patients not only get a reprieve from their overactive sweat glands, but they also receive great value for their money.

Maxim Antiperspirant Customer Reviews:

By: Linda Sue (Missouri)

Thank you Maxim for such a great product. I have suffered my whole adult life from excess sweating. I am a retail manager and being sweat free has given me so much more confidence. I can wear color now...I don't have to sick to knits that don't show sweat or black and white. Maxim did make me break out at first...but I just applied a little less product and the problem was gone. I was sweat free the first day I used it. I have been using Maxim for 3 years. One bottle last about six months.

By: Newmy

I've been using Maxim for about seven years and I absolutely LOVE this product. Whereas extra-strength and prescription antiperspirants were completely ineffective for me, Maxim completely eliminates underarm perspiration. My husband also uses Maxim, and he only needs to apply it about once every 6 months to stay dry. I use it more frequently, probably around once per month, but I am amazed at its effectiveness.

By: Adelle Pratt (Humble, TX)

I have been using this product for a couple years now and LOVE it! The only drawback for me is that it itches like crazy right after I put it on but it's fine by morning.

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